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Dongguan Yifeng Industrial Co., Ltd is a production and Trade Company Limited by the art front group. The art front group was established in Hongkong in 1984. A subsidiary of Hongkong Machine Casting Co. Ltd., Hongkong Horse International Limited, Dongguan Yifeng Industry Co. ltd..

ur production base in Hongkong in 1993 by the relocation to Guangdong province Dongguan city China. Specializing in a variety of high precision, Aluminum Alloy zinc die-casting enterprise, we can provide from the mold, die-casting(more details

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Address:Dongguan Zhangmutou town, 100 fruit hole area hundred Da Industrial City Yi Feng Road  Tel:+86-0769-87719233  Fax:+86-0769-87716839 
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